SACRED …our Well Being, our Health, our Life, our Family … EVERYTHING we participate in – if we dare to consider it. We are all on a journey. An exploration of experiences … our 20’s are so different from our 50’s!

Carrie offers a variety of services that support your Well Being and help you find what is sacred and healing. There are many ways to deepen the health of your body, mind and spirit!

  • For your body – Massage, MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation), and Reiki (as a treatment and to learn it for yourself).
  • For your mind – Wellness Coaching, Astrology (to support your understanding of your unique life path), and Tarot (guidance from Above).
  • For your spirit – Reiki, Energywork, and Meditation coaching.

Every meeting is unique and designed to support you wherever you are in that moment – if you are well, or not well … if you are in pain, or healing from surgery … if you have questions about your life, or your business. Time is taken to listen to whatever you would like to share, your concerns, and your questions. Each session is about exchange and healing. It is about what YOU would like to work on … from relaxation, rehabilitation or ongoing coaching … the intention is to support your process of living in the best way possible.

Make an appointment … browse the Services offered … or even call for more information and a  free consultation.