About Me

Carrie Steffens, LMT, believes that good health & balance in one’s life is an ongoing practice. Everything that we participate in can be seen as Sacred – if we dare to consider this. We can bring our consciousness and attention to everything we do in our life … and this will more deeply support our well-being. Towards this aim, Carrie strives to offer an environment that is supportive & nurturing to one’s personal healing & learning process.

Carrie has been a full time practicing LMT for 26 years, Coach & Trainer for 16 years. Carrie’s health education began early by being around people who practiced organic gardening, meditation, metaphysics, energy healings and holistically health based practices. This has supported her journey of working with healing energies, touch, and alternative health, and her love of teaching & coaching.

Carrie is Licensed through the State of Colorado (verify on www.Dora.gov ) license #4209. Her studies include the following …

  • Certified & Registered Massage Therapist and Health Educator … primary massage training, 1989
  • MPS Practitioner with advanced coursework and Assistant Instructor (Intro Course) … since 2007
  • Certified LooyenWork Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator … also known as Painless Deep Tissue … since 2002
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach … Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, 2015
  • Reiki Master Teacher … since 1996
  • Private study with a Brazilian Spiritist, to learn deeper forms of energetic & spiritual healing … 1987-89
  • The studies of Hypnotherapy, Astrology & Tarot, and Aromatherapy … since 1990
  • Spiritual Studies that include a variety of traditions, both Eastern and Western

In her private time, Carrie plays in her Urban Homestead garden – soon to have chickens; enjoys time with her granddaughter; and hiking with her husband.