There are a few commonly asked questions that I receive from people. I have listed them here, hoping they will help. If you do not see your question, or it is not answered as deeply as you wish, please contact me directly and I will happily speak with you about it.


  • What is the building address?
    • 6565 W Jewell Ave, 4B-2, Lakewood, CO 80232
  • How do I find your office?
    • Park wherever you would like, and walk into the courtyard of the building. Building #4 is in the Northeast corner. Enter the door, you will see Sacred Well Being on the glass beside the door. Follow the hallway to Suite B.
  • Why didn’t I see an outside sign for you by the street?
    • Green Gables is a large complex of many offices. I am listed on the window by the door that enters the area where my office is located, as well as the directory inside by the door.
  • After Hours Information
    • The building may be locked after 5pm M-F, and on weekends. There is a doorbell next to my name on the window should you not be able to get into the building. I will come open the door for you.


  • How early should I arrive?
    • Plan to arrive just a few minutes before your scheduled time. There is no need to be more than 10 minutes early … as an additional 15 minutes of time is added to Therapy sessions to accommodate discussion of what you would like to work on during your session and dressing (before and after your treatment – if appropriate).
    • The same timing is appropriate for coaching and Reiki.
  • What is proper attire for a treatment?
    • For Coaching, whatever you normally wear during the day
    • For Therapeutic Treatments of Reiki & Energywork, wear comfortable clothing that does not bind the body anywhere. You will take off your shoes, but nothing else.
    • For MPS & Massage, you will disrobe and get under a drape (top sheet & blanket). Only what is worked on is uncovered. You are modestly draped during your whole treatment.
  • Do I tip?
    • Tipping is always appreciated, but never expected. The Services that are offered can seem very spa-like, yet they are very Therapeutic. If you feel moved to say thank you with a gratuity, it is always accepted.
  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    • 24 hours notice is customary to let me know when you will not be able to keep an appointment. Illness and Emergencies are exceptions to this as they are unexpected events in our lives.
    • Full payment is expected if you cancel within 2hours of your scheduled time.
    • 50% of your fee will be charged at your next session if less than 24 hours notice is given.


  • What forms of payment do you take?
    • Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express