MPS & Massage– Integrated session
Painless Deep Tissue Massage
Reiki & Energywork

The cost of services (no matter which one, as sessions are based on time)

Single Session:
* 30 min session … $   45
* 60 min session … $   80
* 90 min session … $ 125

* 2 month (weekly/60 min) … $  640
* 4 month (weekly/60 min) … $1280
* 6 month (weekly/60 min) … $1920

All prices are cash prices (visa, MC, Amex, and Discover are also accepted). Insurance is not billed.

Description of Services

MPS & Massage – A customized session that draws from Carrie’s 25+ years of training to meet your immediate and long term needs. Your session may include: MPS Therapy, Acupressure, NMT, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Aromatherapy … in a combination that supports your deepest healing.

  • Scar Therapy – MPS treatment specifically designed to assist the body in releasing adhesions (‘stickiness’ in the skin that restrict movement), reduces redness/itchiness and ‘lumpiness’ in the scar, and speeds healing after surgery. It can also change the appearance of the scar so it is less noticeable.
  • Pain Management – Chronic pain often has it’s cause in nerve root entrapment – a sub-clinical condition that over time can lead to decreased tissue and organ function. Pain is an indication of imbalance in the nerve flow. MPS therapy can reduce nerve root entrapment and relieve pain. For pain that has a clinical root cause (bulging disc, injury, etc) MPS is very effective in helping the tissues involved to heal more deeply, which reduces (and possibly eliminates) the pain. By using an integrated approach to treatment, the body offers a roadmap into how best to release the tension and balance it’s structure.
  • Parkinson’s Treatment – This treatment focuses on relaxing the nervous system to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. It combines MPS & Massage therapy techniques in an effective way that reduces tremors, improves sleep patterns, and improves speech and swallowing abilities. It is recommended that this treatment is received on a regular weekly basis for best results as there is an accumulating benefit.

Please Note: Each Therapy session includes:

  • a consultation before the session: (+/- 5 min)
  • treatment time
    … 1 hour session = 55 min
    …  1.5 hr session = 85 min
  • time afterwards to get dressed and wrap up with any questions you might have: (5-10 min)

Each Bodywork session is slightly longer (in total time) than 1hr or 1.5hr. Appointments are scheduled with a bit of time in-between each one. I do my best to not have the next session scheduled directly after yours. This allows for a pace that gives some time to ‘re-enter’ the world after our time together.

Reiki & Energywork

  • Reiki is an ancient form of healing. It works deeply on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki means Universal Life Force … to connect with this energy can deeply relax you, help you become more focused, and help you heal more completely.
  • Energywork is a different form of healing with energy … and has an intuitive nature for working with Chakras, Spirit Guides, and energy points. Great for healing and relaxation.